Make an Appointment with a Dean

BSFS students may sign up for appointments online using Georgetown's Google Apps. You must be logged into your Google Apps account to make an appointment.

  • Click on your dean’s name. Students will see a calendar showing the available appointments. You will also see your own Google calendar overlaid on the appointment page, making it easy to see what times work for you. 
  • If the Google calendar indicates that no appointments are available until several months into the future, that simply means that the dean's appointment slots are filled that week. Please check back on Friday for the next week's appointments.
  • WARNING: If your Google calendar is not set for the Eastern Time Zone, you will end up making an appointment at a wrong time.
  • Out of courtesy to your fellow students if you need to cancel an appointment do so 24 hours in advance so that the time can be made available to another student.

View individual schedules and make appointments:

Report any technical problems with the appointment system to the webmaster (